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Garakuta Fair (Jumble market)

Garakuta Fair (photo)

An antique fair started in 1982. Held on the first Sunday of the month from April to October. The streets are temporarily closed to vehicles (called "pedestrians' paradise") and over 20 art dealers have stalls on the street. You will enjoy looking at olden daily-life utensils while strolling down the street.


First Sunday of the month, from April to October each year

Opening of hiking season at Mt. Norikura to climbers - Norikura Skyline is open

Opening of hiking season at Mt. Norikura to climbers - Norikura Skyline is open (photo)

This high area consisting of 23 ridges, 7 lakes, and 8 plains is collectively referred to as Mt. Norikura. The highest peak is Mt. Kengamine, 3,026 meters above sea level. You can travel up the mountain along the Norikura Skyline, Japan's highest-altitude mountain road, to a height of 2,700 meters without stopping.


From May 15 to late October

Lavender in bloom

Lavender in bloom (photo)

There are two parks featuring lavender flowers: the Kiyomi Lavender Park and Pascal Kiyomi Lavender Garden. In early summer, light-purple lavender flowers come into bloom, releasing a relaxing fragrance that floats on the air, suffusing the whole area with their heady scent.


From the end of June to mid July each year

Morning Glory Fair

Morning Glory Fair (photo)

The Kami-Ichinomachi-dori Street is temporarily closed to vehicles ("pedestrians' paradise"), and potted plants such as morning glories and Chinese lantern plants are sold on the street.


Late July

Summer illumination in Hida Takayama

Summer illumination in Hida Takayama (photo)

The Nakabashi Bridge is illuminated soon after dark to create a fantastic view of the surrounding area.