Mt. Norikura

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Mt. Norikura (photo)

Mt. Norikura is located on the south end of Japan's Northern Alps (Hida Mountain Range) and at the border of Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture and Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Mt. Norikura has magnificent mountain scenery with 23 peaks-the main peak Kengamine is3,026 meters above sea level-7 crater lakes and 8 plains. From Mt. Norikura, visitors can see Mt. Yari and the Hotaka Mountains above the clouds. At Norikura Skyline at 2,702 meters above sea level, there is a 4 hectare "tatami-daira" plateau with flowers. Visitors will enjoy viewing the beautiful alpine flowers in the summer. Mt. Norikura is designated as a specially preserved national park area. The mountain is a rich repository of natural resources such as the natural monument "raicho" (thunder bird) and other rare animals and plants.

Business Hours

May15 to October 31
7a.m. to 6p.m. in May, June and October
3:20a.m. to 6p.m. from July to September


Shuttle Bus:
Return Fare: 2,300 yen per adult, 1,150 yen per child
One way fare from Hirayu Onsen to Norikura-Tatamidaira: 1,420 yen per adult, 710 yen per child
One way fare from Honokidaira to Norikuta-Tatamidaira: 1,270 yen per adult, 640 yen per child


If coming from JR Takayama Station or Nohi Bus Center, take the Nohi Bus Hirayu/Shinhotaka Line and get off at Honokidaira, and change to the Norikura Line.

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