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Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules (illustration)

Please observe traffic rules and enjoy your stay in Takayama.
Here are some important traffic rules in Japan.

  • In general, people walk on the right side of the road and drive on the left.
  • Cross the road safely.
  • Don't enter the road to take photos.
  • Traffic light significations:
    Green: Go!, Yellow: STOP, Red: STOP
  • Pedestrians should never attempt to enter a railroad crossing when the alarm is sounding or the crossing bar has been activated.

Traffic Rules 2 (illustration)

If you are involved in an accident

If you are involved in an accident (illustration)

  1. Call out for help from bystanders.
  2. Call the police or an ambulance.
  3. Try to obtain the license plate number, color and type of vehicle for the police report.
  4. Emergency telephone numbers:
    Dial 199 for an ambulance
    Dial 100 for the police

Smoke Free Policy

Smoke Free Policy (photo)

In order to protect wooden architecture, smoking is restricted to special designated areas in Takayama City.

No "Poi-Sute"

Smoke Free Areas (illustration)

In order to promote and ensure a beautiful and comfortable environment, Takayama City has regulations to prohibit throwing cigarette butts on the road.
Throwing cigarette butts and empty cans and leaving dog droppings behind are prohibited in all areas of Takayama City.
A ranger patrols the area and alerts offenders. Please note that if an offender does not follow the ranger's instructions, s/he will be charged a 1,000 yen fine.

The rules for cyclists changed from the 1st of October 2022

Bicycle insurance is now compulsory

・Please take out l iability insurance for damages .

・The following insurance policies cover damages caused by accidents involving cyclists where an injury has occurred.
Insurance policies with schools and PTAs as a contact point include; Elementary and Junior High School Comprehensive Guarantee Plan, High School Comprehensive Guarantee Plan, and the National PTA Federation Liability Compensation Plan.
There are also options for voluntary insurance, in addition to mandatory insurance, that include special clauses.

・If the bicycle has a TS mark of inspection, it is covered for damages within one year of the date of inspection .

* It  is not covered if it has been over a year since the date of in spection.

Lifestyle and Culture of Japan

Please refer to the following websites to learn more about Japanese lifestyle and culture.

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