About the local tour guide interpreters of the Hida region

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Local Certified Guides (photo)

The Hida region including Takayama (Takayama City, Gero City, Hida City, and Shirakawa Village in Ono-gun) has its own local tour guide interpreters.

 The local tour guide interpreters are certified professionals who have been trained to guide visitors around the tourist attractions and facilities of Hida, and introduce its culture and food.

 Each of them possesses unique characteristics and skills, including those with a love for history or knowledge of architecture, and others who specialize in activities and photography. By touring the region with them, you will be able to gain new knowledge of the area and discover the true local spots that you are likely unaware of. You will also have the opportunity to interact closely with the local tour guide interpreter, as well as with other local people.

 Why not create your own wonderful memories of Japan and the Hida region with a local tour guide interpreter? We look forward to hearing from you.

How to request a local tour guide interpreter of the Hida region

(1) Find a guide that interests you from the list below or on the Hida local tour guide interpreter website.

*Those in the List of Former Inner City Special Case Tour Guide Interpreters no longer qualify as guides due to the system, but they can provide guidance around the downtown area of Takayama City.

(2) Send a request directly to the guide you are interested in.

(3) After receiving a response from the guide, negotiate the schedule, fee, and method of payment.

(4) Confirm the day of your visit, including the meeting date and time.

(5) Enjoy your visit to the Hida region!


  1. The guides listed on the above website are those who have agreed to allow information disclosure on our website and other mediums.
  2. A fee is charged when individuals use the guide’s services.
  3. Individuals should contact each guide directly for information on his/her fee.

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