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Introducing Local Government-Licensed Guides certified by Takayama City

Local Certified Guides (photo)

Takayama is an international tourist city which many overseas tourists visit each year. 

In order for tourists to tour the city easily, Takayama has introduced Local Government-Licensed Guides who can guide tourists in the Hida Region (Takayama City, Hida City, Gero City and Shirakawa Village). 

While National Guides are those who have acquired a national certification to conduct tour guide services in Japan and provide their services in any location nationwide, Local Government-Licensed Guides are those who conduct area-specific tour guide services. 

The “Hida Region Local Government-Licensed Guides” are those who conduct their services in Hida Takayama—which is famous for beautiful and traditional streets—as well as the world-famous heritage site Shirakawago Village with its Gasshō-style houses, Hida City with its beautiful Setogawa River and white-walled storehouse street, and Gero City with its Gero Onsen Hot Springs (one of the most famous hot springs in Japan). 

Tourists are strongly encouraged to find a guide who can help make their travel experience more rewarding.

1.Local Government-licensed Guides

Areas they cover: The entire area of Takayama City, Hida City, Gero City and Shirakawa Village

2."Takayama Downtown" Local Government-licensed Guide


  1. The guides listed on the above website are those who have agreed to allow information disclosure on our website and other mediums.
  2. A fee is charged when individuals use the guide’s services.
  3. Individuals should contact each guide directly for information on his/her fee.


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