Hida Takayama Kimono Walk

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Hida Takayama Kimono Walk (photo)

Rent a traditional kimono or men’s kamishimo to wear while sightseeing in Takayama, with discount entrance to tourist facilities.

Time required
3 hours
Available days
Saturday, Sunday, and National holiday in April, May, September, October and Takayama festival period. Reception time: 9:00 a.m. ~ 2:30 p.m.
3,000 yen for 3 hours (After 2 hours, 500 yen is charged in every 30 minutes.)
Making reservations
Reservation is required
The number of Kamishimo and Kimono is limited. A reservation is required for large groups.
Not available when it rains. Trying on the kimono or kamishimo, and the commemorative photo, are free. Special advantage: you can borrow a pass good for discount entrance to some tourist attractions in Takayama.

Please refer to the following website if you would like to try to dress up in Kimono other than the above available days.

Flow of experience

  1. Choose your favorite Kamishimo (for men) or Kimono (for women) and wear it.
  2. Take off for sightseeing town, carrying a sightseeing pass.
  3. Memorial photo is presented to you.
  4. Return costume and pass.

Facility info:Nakabashi Bridge Tourist Information center


Takayama Traditional Culture and Crafts Square

35-1 Kami ichinomachi, Takayama City

15 min. walk from JR Takayama station
Contact: Tourist Division of Takayama City Hall

Requests for enjoyable experience

  1. Please contact the facility directly for details and reservations in advance of the participation program.
  2. Please contact the facility about any changes to your reservation, as early as possible.
  3. Please arrange your own transportation to the program site.
  4. Program may be anavailable depending on the facility’s schedule. Please contact in advance to confirm program availability.
  5. Please note that details of these contents may change without notice.