Website Policy

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Takayama City will operate its website with the following concepts:

Basic Concept

As computerization has progressed, the internet is rapidly being used as a two-way communication method. Websites are an effective two-way communication method because they are available at any time, and information can be obtained quickly.

Therefore, while creating an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use universally designed website, Takayama City will continue to enrich its content.

Universal Design

With its vision of "a nice town to live in is a nice town to visit," Takayama City established the "Ordinance of Developing a City that is Nice to Everyone" and promotes accessible city planning in cooperation with local residents. The city’s website is also based on this concept.

  • The city will create a website with high usability for its users to reach the information they want quickly.
  • The city will create a website translated into 11 different languages for its overseas users as part of an effort to make its website accessible to people all over the world.

"Universal Design" is the concept of pre-designing a city or a living environment so that many people can use it easily regardless of disability, age or gender. The phrase more generally signifies a "design of society where anyone can live comfortably."

Website Accessibility

Takayama City is making efforts to assure, maintain and improve the website’s accessibility based on its JIS X 8341-3 2010.


In principle, Takayama City website will be free of links.


The copyright of information on the Takayama City website belongs to Takayama City and must not be reproduced without the consent of the city. However, the content of the Library (Gallery) is available for public use.