Galleria fotografica

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This photo library has been made available to distribute photographs free of charge in order to promote tourism for Takayama City. Takayama City holds the copyright for all photographs on this website. Please follow the instruction below when using our photographs.

Please note

The photographs on this website are not available for duplication, sales or loan without the permission of Takayama City, unless doing so is permitted under copyright law.

Using/altering images

  • Clippings and minimal cropping of photographs may be allowed, depending on the purpose of the usage. However, usage not associated with promoting tourism for Takayama, such as cropping or clipping a particular image of a person in the photograph, is not permitted.
  • Usage, in which the images of original photographs have been changed by altering tones, etc., is not permitted.
  • The purpose for using these images may not be damaging to Takayama tourism. Usage, that involves the enlargement of images to the extent that the original photographic image is altered, is not permitted.
  • Compensation for damages due to copyright infringement may be sought depending on the content for which our photographs are used.
  • Secondary distribution of these images is not permitted.

Download photo data

Click a category below. To display an image in a new window, once images appear, click the data size under the thumbnail of the desired image.


Move the mouse cursor onto the desired image and right-click. 
Select ‘Save As (S)’ on Internet Explorer or ‘Save As (I)’ on Netscape to save the file on your hard disk.

Mac OS

Move the mouse cursor onto the image and click while holding the command key.
Select ‘Download the image to a disk’ on Internet Explorer or ‘Save As’ on Netscape to save the file on your hard disk.

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Images of Takayama Festival

Notification to the Takayama Yatai Hozon Kai may be required for use of images relating to the Takayama festival, depending on the purpose of use of the images. Please contact the following organizations.

If images are to be used on advertising materials or brochures to attract tourists, tourism magazines or free posters.
[Contact] Takayama City Hall Tourist Information Office


If images are to be used on product packaging, product advertisement, telephone cards, postcards, posters for sale, in-house magazines, or other materials
[Contact] Takayama City Hall Cultural Properties Division