Hida Takayama’s Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures

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“Hida Takayama Standards”

13 Promises and 6 requests

In order to assure safety and comfort for visitors, Hida Takayama Ryokan Hotel Cooperative established guidelines against the coronavirus called “Hida Takayama Standards. 
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
*These guidelines will be reviewed and revised as necessary. 

13 Promises

Countermeasures against contact transmission

(1) Each facility provides hand sanitizers at the entrance, each public space, in any public bathhouses, restaurants or dining areas. 

(2) Doorknobs, elevator buttons and handrails are disinfected regularly. 

(3) Room equipment, including TV remotes, slippers and equipment in public bathhouses are disinfected regularly. 

(4) Room keys, the reception counter and highly used tools such as pens are disinfected after each use. 

(5) Sampling service is no longer available at the shop. 

(6) Employees must go through a temperature and general health check before entering the facility. 

(7) Employees must regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer and mouthwash. 

Countermeasures against “San-mitsu (Three Cs [closed spaces, crowds and close-contact situations])” (airborne transmissions)

(8) Frequent ventilation is conducted in public spaces. 

(9) Partition screens are set up at the reception counter.

(10) The room capacity is reduced at banquet halls and party rooms. 

(11) Social distancing is assured by increasing space between seats at restaurants or dining areas. 

(12) Countermeasures are taken to avoid the sanmitsu (three Cs) at check-in and check-out by promoting the use of payment kiosks.

(13) Employees wear masks at all times, maintain social distancing with visitors and ventilate rooms sufficiently when cleaning. 

6 requests for visitors

  • If you are not feeling well before you come to Hida Takayama, please postpone your visit until you feel better. 
  • Visitors must go through a temperature check before check-in.  
  • If you have developed a symptom such as a high temperature while you are at a facility, please contact the reception desk immediately. If Covid-19 is suspected, we will contact the nearest health center after obtaining consent from you. We will take countermeasures, including isolation, depending on instructions. 
  • Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizers. In particular, please do so before you enter a public space, such as a bathhouse, restaurant or dining area. 
  • Wear a mask at all times when you are outside your hotel/ryokan room. 
  • Please cooperate with Covid-19 countermeasures at each facility.   

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Hida Takayama Ryokan Hotel Cooperative
July 22, 2021