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Takayama City’s Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures

Takayama City’s Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures

Ryokans, hotels, restaurants, cafés and tourist facilities in Takayama City have established important countermeasures against Covid-19. 

Countermeasures against contact transmissions

  • Hand sanitizers are available for public use. 
  • Each customer must go through a temperature and general health check before entering the facility.
  • Premises are cleaned and disinfected regularly.  
  • Contactless payments are promoted.   
  • Employees must check their temperature regularly and maintain good health. 
    Employees must regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. 

Countermeasures against airborne transmissions

  • Frequent ventilation is conducted in public spaces. 
  • Partition screens are set up to prevent droplet transmission. 
  • Social distancing is recommended. 
  • Social distancing is assured by reducing the room capacity and number of seats. 
  • Employees wear masks at all times. 

Hotels and public transport companies have their own specific company guidelines against the coronavirus. 

In addition, Gifu Prefecture provides a “Covid-19 Warning QR System.” The prefecture sends coronavirus transmission information to registered users. Businesses that are implementing coronavirus countermeasures display an official sticker. You can safely visit these businesses. 

You can feel safe when you visit Hida Takayama. 

Takayama City’s Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures