To All People Who Adore Takayama

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To All People Who Adore Takayama

Michihiro Kunishima / Takayama City Mayor (photo)

Hello! I am KUNISHIMA Michihiro, the mayor of Takayama City. As we all know, COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, and the spread is having a serious impact on our society, economy and the health of our residents. Here in Takayama, fortunately no infections have been confirmed yet. However, we are in a battle against this epidemic, and it is important to do our part by staying safe and staying at home. Therefore, we need to limit our activities outside our homes during this difficult time.

Each person’s responsible actions will lead to the protection of you, your family and your friends. By doing this, you will also help save your workplace, your local community, and our entire society.

To those who are visiting Japan from overseas and to those who are originally from overseas areas but are residing in Japan, please do not visit Takayama until the virus is contained if at all possible.

When we conquer this virus, people in our city will welcome everyone with open arms. We will gladly make all the necessary preparations so that you can enjoy every bit of Hida Takayama at that time, hopefully, in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

City of Takayama