Rotenburo-no-hi (Open-air Bath Day)

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Mon, June 26

On June 26, a date that is a word-play linking 6/26 with the Japanese word “Rotenburo”, 5 Onsen in Okuhida Onsen-go will offer free admission to their Rotenburo or open-air baths. Guests who collect 5 stamps from the participating Rotenburo will be given a small gift.


As of the date of publication, the following onsen are expected to participate: Hirayu-no-yu (Hirayu Onsen), Isurugi-no-yu (Fukuji Onsen), Kojin-no-yu (Tochio Onsen), Shin-Hotaka-no-yu (Shin-Hotaka Onsen) and Higaku-no-yu (Shin-Hotaka Onsen) . Participation may vary, and this list is not binding.


45-60 minutes from Takayama I.C. by Prefectural Highway No. 89, Route 158 or Route 471.


Okuhida Onsengo Kanko Kyokai (0578-89-2614)

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