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Introduction to Traditional Crafts (Artisan Crafts)

Hida Shunkei
Shunkei lacquerware, coated with a transparent varnish called sukeurushi, was first made by Mokushou Takahashi Kizaemon and Nurishi Narita Mitsuemon in the 12th year of the Keicho Era (about 400 years ago) in the Kanamori period. It is said that their first works were trays to be presented to the shogunate.

Ichii Ittobori (carving)
In the final years of the Edo period (about 150 years ago), Matsuda Sukenaga originated the carving of netsuke using Hida's finest specialty, yew, and without paint, he brought out the natural beauty of a single piece of wood.

Ceramics and Porcelain
In the Genna years (about 380 to 390 years ago), Kanamori Shigeyori, Lord of Takayama castle, invited antique Seto ware artisans from Kyoto, and a kiln was built in the western suburbs on Koito Hill. There are currently four kilns within the city limits - Shibukusa (2 locations), Koito, and Yamada.


Wooden Furniture

It is said that this artisan craft started in the Asuka and Nara period (about 1,350 years ago). These many years yielded furniture and wooden products with rich warmth from the wood.