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JR Takayama Station

JR Takayama StationAll trains in Takayama area are operated by JR TOUKAI as there are no private trains. There are express trains “Wide View Hida”, and local trains. However, these trains are operated during the day and the numbers are limited so please be careful choosing your train. If you choose an express train, you need a passenger ticket and express ticket.
Takayama Station is a small station with two platforms and one gate each for entry and exit.
You can purchase JR tickets in person at the station or use a vending machine with brief English direction. The tickets are also available at travel agencies. We recommend buying tickets at the station for those who do not understand Japanese.


Coin lockers
●Coin lockers
Coin lockers are located outside of the waiting room and in front of the bus center.

Tourist information center
●Tourist information center
There is a tourist information center in front of the station exit. Free city map and guidebooks in English are available.

Credit Card

Credit card use is available when a credit card company sticker is found at the counter. However you may not use credit card at most private small shops.

International ATM

International ATMOnly eight International ATMs at the Post Offices in Takayama City allow you to withdraw cash from overseas cards. Please check if your card services are available from stickers near entrances or on the ATM. The available international services include Visa, Plus, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus and China Union Pay.

Hours: 8:00-21:00 on Weekday
9:00-19:00 on Weekend and holiday

How to take a bath in a hot spring or big communal bath

How to take a bath in a hot spring or big communal bath
Changing room entrance
●Changing room entrance
(Blue curtain for men, red curtain for women)

Some accommodation might have slightly different rules; however, this is a basic rule to enjoy the Japanese hot spring experience!
First you change your cloths to yukata (cotton kimono) in your room, and bring your towels and other items you need to the changing room at the big communal bath. In most cases, bath rooms for men and women are separated so do not go into the wrong one!

① Take off all your cloths at a changing room, and take just one small towel to wash your body into the bath room.
*Swimwear is not allowed.
② Wash your body and rinse well before entering the bath.
*Free Shampoo and conditioner is normally available in the bathroom.
③ Enter into the bathtub, and relax. Please do not put your towel into the water, fold it small and put it on your head or just leave it outside of the bathtub.
④ When you wash your body in the bathroom, you can sit on a stool.
⑤ After taking a bath, wipe your body with your towel and go to the changing room.


●Douche-equipped toilet seat

There are two kinds of toilet in Japan; Japanese and Western style. Most household and public facilities have a western toilet; however some old facilities have only Japanese style toilets.
Japanese western toilet has vari-ous functions including automatic lid control, warm loo seat, warm water shower and dryer. Youcan operate them with buttons near the toilet bowl or toilet paper. If there are slippers in the toilet entrance, please change your foot-wear into the slippers and enter.

Japanese Toilet
●Japanese Toilet

In a Japanese style toilet, straddle the toilet bowl with the round bowls shape in front, then bend. Flush the toilet when you finish.


TabaccoNo smoking is allowed in the Takayama City to protect wooden architectures.
*Except some areas.