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Introduction to ‘Learn by Doing’ Schools

Hida Folk Village ‘Folkcraft Lessons’
An old private house in the Hida Folk Village offers six programs, including straw crafts, sashiko quilting, printing with vegetable dye, and sarubobo charms, which have been passed down in the Hida region since olden times. You can have fun learning these crafts by direct hands-on experience.
Hida Folk Village (PDF)


Hida Takayama ‘Memory Revival Hall’
We highly recommend that you try making your own original souvenirs and Hida confectionaries with your family and friends. On the roof of the Memory Revival Hall, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Northern Alps.
The instructors are craft masters living in the Hida region. Listening to their stories on the history and nature of Hida will surely leave you with some wonderful memories.


Soba Village ‘Soba-making Lessons’
You can try grinding the soba flour made from buckwheat that takes advantage of the cool, high-altitude area. The soba is ground with a huge water mill wheel 13 meters in diameter and a huge millstone 2.2 meters across. You can also try making soba in a soba class and learn everything there is to know about soba.



Contact to make inquiries about the aforementioned lessons: Hida Takayama Tourist Information Office (i-Information Desk) Tel: 0577-32-5328