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Festival ProcessionThe festival procession of Takayama is both interesting and beautiful, containingMikoshi (a portable shrine), Shishimai(the lion dance), Kagura (Shinto music), Gagaku (court music), Tokeiraku(cock fighting music), and Keigo (guards), each of which plays it’sown role in the procession.
The procession also offers the townspeople the opportunity to demonstratetraditional local performing arts, whcih have been handed down for generationupon generation with special pride. Visitors from all over the world admirethis living beauty.
At the time of the festival, every person in the town takes part in thisannual event. They wear traditional costume, called Kamishimo, which proudlybear their family crest.
The procession is truely one of the highlights of the festival. The processionis enhanced by the scattering petals of cherry blossoms in Spring, and inAutumn by the beautiful colors of the Autumn leaves. It is solemn, yet elegantand splendid.

Pictures:Festival floats of Takayama festival published by Hida takayama tourism association