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Festival Float StorehousesIf you walk around the town, you will encounter several white-walled storehouses.These storehouses, called Yatai-gura, are where festival floats are housed.
Until the Tenpo Conflagration, which burned down most part of the town,the floats were taken apart into pieces after the festivals and were keptin each household of a community. After this great fire, they started tobuild storehouses in which to keep the festival floats in the best condition.
The storehouse has a very stout structure. The height of the door reaches6 meters (about 20 feet), and the width of one door is 1.3 meters (about4.3 feet). The wall itself is 30 centimeters (about 12 inches) in thickness.
The storehouses were built by local craftsmen such as carpenters, plasteres,and blacksmiths. They are considered to be a complete combination of thedifferent types of craftsmanship. Not only floats, but festival relatedbooks and items, are also housed in these storehouses.
Actually, the storehouses are another equally magnificent symbol of theTakayama Festival.

Pictures:Festival floats of Takayama festival published by Hida takayama tourism association