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Working toward Peace

Takayama City Peace Day

Takayama is an international tourist city which many people from all over the world visit each year. As shown in the United Nation’s slogan of “Tourism, Passport to Peace” the promotion of cultural understanding via tourism plays an important role in world peace. The UN designated September 21st as the International Day of Peace and requests that member countries make efforts toward world peace. In response to this, Takayama City designated September 21st as the “Takayama City Day of Peace” in 2013.

“Bonds of Peace” Monument

“Bonds of Peace” MonumentAs a symbol of peace in Takayama, the city established this monument on September 21, 2014 in the open space in front of city hall. With a basic concept of “kizuna” (a bond), it shows “fureai” (a bond between people), “nukumori” (a bond between humans and nature) and “hirogååari” (a bond between cities).

Declaration of Takayama City as a “City of Peace”

On March 24th, 2017, Takayama City declared itself as a City of Peace so that the citizen of Takayama can inherit the importance of peace to the next generation, indicate our will both at home and abroad to contribute to the realization of world peace, and realize the society without a war so that people in the world can live without any worries.

March 24, 2017

Takayama City, set in a rich natural environment epitomized by the Hidamountain range, has fostered festivals, artisanal skills, and other aspects of traditional culture,and as an international tourist cityit values its connections with others.
The city has designated the International Day of Peace as the “Takayama City Day of Peace” to proclaim the message of eternal peace from Hida Takayamato the entire world.
However, the reality is that conflict, terrorism, and famine continue unchecked in many parts of the world, and we still face the threatof nuclear weapons.
It isour hope that a world in which all people everywhere can live securely in peace will surely come, and we will workto this end.
These things we have learned from the past, and will pass on to the future:
The tragedy, futility, and terror of warand nuclear weapons, and the value of life.
These things we will continue to protect:
The abundance of the natural world, our proud traditional culture, and the bonds between people.
These things we value:
Understanding and respecting diverse cultures.
We, the citizens of Takayama, hereby declare that Takayama City will forever be a City of Peace.

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Our Efforts to Achieve Peace