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Atmospheric Radiation Levels

Radiation Levels (3/19/2012)

Atmospheric radiation is being measured at three locations in Takayama City. The latest results are posted below.

Measurements at both locations currently show radiation levels that do not pose a health risk.
(Note: Radiation exposure from an x-ray is 50μSv/h.)

Location Time Unit (μSv/h)
Old Private Houses,
Takayama City
09:05 0.090
Oku Hida Hot Springs Village,
Takayama City
15:45 0.078
Shokawa Village,
Takayama City (09/07/2011)
17:30 0.081

Water Radiation Levels

Radiation Levels (12/02/2011)

Water Radiation levels are being measured by Gifu Prefecture. The radiation levels in Takayama City are as follows.

Currently undetected

Location Time Unit (μSv/h)
Uwano Water Purification
Plant, Takayama City
–:– n.d.*

* n.d. =not detected

Radiation Levels