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Traffic Condition (JR train and Highay Bus)

Due to the typhoon that is approaching to the Hida Takayama area, some of JR trains and highway busses have been cancelled.

Jr Trains
Oct 13 (Mon)
To Gifu, Nagoya /Canceled
Hida No. 18 (Dept.16:38), No.20 (Dept.18:39), No. 92 (Dept.17:39)
To Osaka / Partially cancelled between Gifu and Osaka
Hida No. 36
From Nagoya / Cancelled
Hida No. 11(Arr.15:05), No.13(Arr.17:08), No.15(Arr.18:17), No.17(Arr.20:18), No.19(Arr.22:07)

Oct 14 (Tue)
From Osaka / Partially canceled between Osaka and Gifu
Hida No. 25

Highway Bus
Oct. 13
To Kyoto and Osaka / Cancelled
Dept. 14:40 and 16:15
From Osaka / Cancelled
Dept. 16:00
From Nagoya / Cancelled
Dept. 20:30
Oct. 14
From Osaka
Dept. 7:35 and 8:50

Mount Ontake Volcano Eruption

Today's air level of the city area of Takayama at 10:00AM on October 8.

SO2: 0.002 < 0.04(environmental standard)
SPM:0.02 < 0.10(environmental standard)


80th Anniversary Events Celebrating the Completion of the Takayama Line

Saturday, October 4 – Sunday, October 26

JR Takayama Line, which connects Gifu Station and Toyama Station, was opened in 1934; and it will be the 80 year anniversary of its opening on October 25, 2014.

Various events will be held to commemorate this.

<Special Train Operation: Limited Express Wide View Hida>
・Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between Saturday, October 4th and Sunday, the 26th
・1 round trip per day
Leaving Nagoya at 10:18am and Arriving in Takayama at 12:58pm
Leaving Takayama at 5:39pm and Arriving in Nagoya at 8:02pm

<Fun Events to Welcome the Special Train>
・Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between Saturday, October 4th and Sunday, the 26th
・10:00am - 5:30pm
・Food and Product Fair held in front of Takayama Station, and a local mascot will greet the special trains.

<Fun Walk>
・Sunday, October 12: Family fun walk and apple picking (Kuguno Station)
・Saturday, October 25: Tour Hida Takayama's historical "Denshou Kuukan" area and participate in the Trivia Quiz Walk (Takayama Station)
・Saturday, November 8: Walk through colorful autumn leaves and enjoy Hida's fresh seasonal products (Hida Ichinomiya Station)


JR Takayama Line


Takayama City Tourism Division (0577-32-3333)

Mount Ontake Volcano Eruption

Takayama City is located approximately 35 km (22 miles) northwest of Mt. Ontake.
The wind always blows from west to east around Mt. Ontake, so the volcanic ash pours down and away from Takayama City.
Please look at these maps.
The red dots show where Takayama City is located. The wind has blown in the opposite direction of the city ever since the volcano's eruption.
Therefore, there has been no impact on the city.
We are currently considering setting up a device to measure volcanic substances in the air, and we will provide more information on this as soon as the procedure is completed.


Autumn Takayama Festival (Hachiman Festival)

Thu 9 October - Fri 10 October

This is an extremely elegant and beautiful festival which is among the three most beautiful festivals of Japan. The highlights of the festival are gorgeous floats described as “moving Youmeimon” and mechanical dolls skillfully operated on the floats. In case of a rainy day or it is likely to rain, the floats stay inside of the warehouses.


20 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station


Tourism Division of Takayama City(0577-32-3333)

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Recommended tourist attraction of HIDA-TAKAYAMA


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